CNE represents artists with the skills, talent and the intellect to entrust their success to those who have built careers, not hits.
Trey Horres
Artist Management

After founding Seventh Wave Music booking agency, Trey was hired as the Director of Marketing for the House of Blues affiliate in Charleston, SC. During that time he promoted over 400 concerts and events, including  Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Black Crows, Tom Jones, Cake, Jason Aldean, Violent Femmes, etc..Having garnered industry knowledge from the top agencies in the country, such as CAA and the Agency Group, Trey began representing artists in all genres of entertainment.

Nyhl Henson
Adisory Board

Lending his legendary strategic knowledge that created MTV, CMT, VH1 and Nickleodeon, Nyhl is an integral component of CNA. Henson recently entered into the foray of streaming with his new venture, Technotainment. After all. it's what he does. 

Tony Rose
IT & Bitcoin Advisor

From Bitcoin to Burning Man, Tony is the epitome of the IT Renaissance Man. While acclaimed as an EDM DJ, he is globally renowned for creating Apple Pay and pioneering applications in a variety of industries, including entertainment and cybersecurity,

Eddie Wenrick
Advisory Board
Shawna Hilleary
Legal Counsel

Following stints in executive positions at LiveNation, Columbia Records, Eddie now heads Wenrick Entertainment and represents international artist, Alex Boyé. His perspective of how to position and promote an artist is incomparable.

Her practice encompasses all aspects of the entertainment, arts and media industries, including record companies, publishing companies, artists, songwriters, authors, screenwriters, producers, managers, production companies, start-up companies, content creators,  influencers, actors, hosts, esports, and other media entities.  

Rebekah Kiser
Advisory Board

Bringing the illumination to Carpe Nox! Rebekah is a savant at Video Production, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. She also recently became certified as a Yoga Instructor.

Alex Loucas
Advisory Board

Innovative and cutting! Through Grizz Lee Arts, Alex has become one of most recognizable photographers and videographers in the industry. His works include Nikki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Vogue, Rich The Kid, etc...